2 responses to “Poring Over Patents”

  1. Brian Auer

    I’ve never had to deal with patents or infringements directly, but I know the whole process is a real pain. I worked for a J&J company for a while, and they had whole teams of people that did the patent thing. They also patented anything and everything they could, and they were good at it.

    The taken brilliant idea thing, though, is certainly something I encounter on a regular basis. It never fails — ooh and idea!… google search… yay, I can buy one for $15.95 from 18 different retailers. Sometimes it feels like everything has already been invented. I know that’s not the case, but it’s frustrating!

  2. Paul J Calrke

    I’m named on four patents now, three were my idea, and have not found the process that bad to be honest. When working at Tyco we had our own patent office so what all dealt with by them, and here at ebm-papst we use a solicitor that dose little else than patents, trademarks and also registering designs. So I would say it’s well worth getting a solicitor to help though the whole process, make certain you get the right coverage and keeps nagging you to make the fee payments.

    I’ll not post here how we use but if you’re in the UK and want a recommendation for help – ping me on twitter ( @monpjc )