4 responses to “Not Your Father’s Career”

  1. Joe

    Engineering was going to be my pick if my plans to get into nursing school fell through (luckily it didnt) One thing that I am finding with the majority of my peers that are going into engineering is their entrepreneurial spirit isnt there. As with most college students, we are not learning any leadership abilities. Instead most students feel as if their degree will lead to a lifetime of being on someone else payroll. If the companies out there are not willing to hire in new grads, then the new grads should make an attempt to ban together IMO.

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  3. Michelle

    I am the child of two engineers, I am married to one and my brother recently graduated with and undergraduate degree in engineering, so I might be a bit biased (I am an academic scientist). I think that engineering (especially computer and electrical engineering) is actually one of the few remaining great ways to make a decent living in this country without going into enormous debt. You might not work for the same company your entire career but you can go to a good school, and get a degree, and actually make money right out of college. In contrast people with a BS in my area of science typically make about half of what the engineers do out of college.

    About a year ago I moved with my husband to from one small east-coast city to a larger one, and my husband had 3 jobs offers in a week after we arrived. I think we’re way better off than other people I know where one partner is a lawyer or something like that.

  4. QuadTech

    “nearly a quarter of UK engineering grads take unskilled jobs.”

    An unfortunate truth for many right now. Highly skilled individuals are forced to take jobs they are vastly overqualified for in order to make ends meet. Hopefully a bounce back isn’t far off.