3 responses to “Carbonation Project”

  1. Cherish The Scientist

    What a fun project! I can’t say I will be trying it myself any time soon, however, given I have two hypoglycemic kids in the house. 🙂

    I’m glad you explained the regulators. I was going to say that driving bubbles into beer is cheating – you’re supposed to ferment it for that. But I guess I didn’t understand the difference, either.

  2. Chris Gammell

    Great project! I would enjoy seeing the stack up of the Sodastream costs over a year versus the costs you laid out. I’m guessing with having to buy the proprietary stuff costs would even out over time. Not to mention continually having to buy supplies would discourage me from making soda anymore.

    I’d also wager a guess that if you had a parallel universe where one version of your friend bought the Sodastream and the other had a good friend like you help install this thing, that 10 years down the line the second version of the friend would still have a viable soda making station!

    And who knows? Perhaps the high quality of this setup could even allow for a boutique soda business in the future. I hear there are some people that are REALLY into soda, like those in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPbh6Ru7VVM (definitely worth the watch, the owner in the video is awesome).

  3. Kevin Dahlquist

    Quick questions re: pressure/time/bubbles:

    1. What pressure did you end up setting your regulator to?
    2. How much time did it take for the water to effectively absorb the CO2 for a good, balanced result?
    3. Was your air valve on the bottle shooting a CO2 jet into the water causing bubbles rapidly or did you slowly raise the pressure within your bottle to achieve a result? (no bubbles).

    Cool project! Thanks for any info!