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  1. gasstationwithoutpumps

    Blogging takes up much less of my time than reading blogs, which I have to cut back on. Try once a week blogging, rather than daily blogging. I find my blog posts tend to come in bursts, generally when I’m avoiding doing real work.

    Skip a lot of the “career success” seminars—you’ll find them mostly content-free. Or if you do go, take along some grading or refereeing, so that you can get real work done.

    Writing 6 or 7 proposals at once is too much. I know, it has become a low-probability lottery, but spending all your time writing grant proposals is not really productive.

    Social events that include grad students are important—faculty-only ones are not. You’ll be working with grad students extensively, but only rarely with your fellow faculty (particularly faculty in other departments). Most inter-department faculty collaborations are mediated by grad students with shared advisers, rather than faculty getting together to collaborate due to their own social contacts.

  2. GMP

    I hear ya. I remember my first year, it was the same, completely brutal. It gets better. Once you get some money you will feel less frantic and won’t be writing that many proposals. And you won’t be teaching all new courses before long , so prep time will drop drastically. You will also learn to say no — most of these orientation things are useless. A lot of the service can also be avoided.

    But you will figure it all on your own shortly. I was quite miserable after my first semester and decided to make some changes. Prioritizing and saying no are the most important ones. And finding the time to do the stuff that energizes you (presumably your research). Here is one of my older posts that may ease your anxiety:


    (I don’t want to drop too many links, just go to my place and skim at the posts under tag “tenure” there are several other posts that you may find reassuring).

    As for FSP, she’s superhuman, so no need to wonder how she does it. 🙂
    I think it also helps that her kid is older.
    Like gasstationwithoutpumps, I spend way too much time on other people’s blogs, not that much on blogging myself. Perhaps FSP spends most of her blog-related time on her blog and blog-surfs considerably less than, for instance, me.

    Hang in there! It does get easier, I promise. In the meantime, enjoy the adrenaline rush. 🙂

  3. Moiety

    I would go along with gasstationwithoutpumps re the career and social events. Also attending grad social events is proabably only needed once a quater if that.

    Regarding reading blogs, unless there are directly related to the current job, leave them for the weekend. You will find that instead of reading, you start scanning and pretty quickly (in my experience) focus in on the more interesting blogs (you only reference 3 blogs). I often equate reading blogs to computer gamers who pick up everything or students who learn absolutly everything. There is a goal to be reached and getting there efficiently is usually more productive.

  4. Cherish The Scientist

    I can speak from experience: the first time teaching any class is a nightmare. I think the only time I was dealing with a single class long enough to not have significant prep was the four semesters I was TAing intro geology labs. (I still got comments even the last semester saying I didn’t seem well prepared. Bahaha!) I’m SO glad they’ve already told me I’ll be teaching the same class next semester so that I don’t have to do much more than revise my lectures. Of course, I still have 90 assignments to grade each week…

    One of my academic siblings who is now a professor said he’s starting to get into a groove and it’s his third year. It’ll get better, but I’m also going to give you a bit of a warning: don’t sacrifice time with your kid. My husband has often wondered if it was worth it to finish his PhD because he lost so much time with younger son. Make sure you get to spend at least some time every day with NanoGEARS…I think you’ll both be happier.

  5. Miss Outlier

    All I can say is amen.

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