50 responses to “Ask The Readers: Would You Marry An Engineer?”

  1. Miss MSE

    I’m very, very glad I married an engineer, and I’m pretty sure he agrees. When we’re talking about work, we can genuinely listen and offer solutions. We have a better understanding of the real demands of one another’s jobs, and are more sympathetic because of it.

    So, yes, I would marry an engineer (again)!

  2. Bill Porter

    While I’m not married yet, I am the guy that proposed to his girlfriend on a circuit board; her circuit board: http://www.billporter.info/how-i-asked-mara-to-marry-me-or-the-best-pcb-design-ever/

    I have been living with my now fiance for 2 years. I absolutely love that we are both engineers. It makes us even better friends as we work on projects together, and she has the understanding to be ‘impressed’ when I pull off a technical achievement. Not to mention we can laugh and make fun of each others nerdiness.

    I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Good Luck Chris!

  3. paul hopwood

    I’m an engineer & I’m married to an engineer & I wouldn’t have it any other way, but that’s cos of who she is & not what she trained to do.

    The bigger problem I found in my dating days was having a partner at the same company or department, that’s when work truly never gets left behind!

  4. Steve Hoefer

    I’d love to marry an engineer. However I’ve found there’s a dearth of engineers of my preferred gender.

    Why? I want to share my passions with someone I’m passionate about.

    If it was just a job, I wouldn’t want my spouse involved. There is all the overhead and politics involved with “job” that it’s good to have an escape from. But I engineer for fun, for personal gratification, and for an excuse to hang out with other smart, passionate people. It would be unthinkable to have a romantic commitment with someone who did’t share some of that.

  5. Nicoleandmaggie

    I am not an engineer, but I heartily suggest and endorse marrying engineers to all my social science colleagues. All those who have taken my advice have been quite happy.

    I love my engineer.

  6. GMP

    I am technically an engineer (have degrees and physics and EE), but my mindset and absentminded personality are decidedly more physics-y. However, my husband is a hard-core, stereotypical EE (glasses, love for computers and all technology, Mr Fix-It around the house, very thrifty and super neat and organized <– very much unlike me).

    Don't know if this is an engineering thing or just my husband, but I appreciate it that he has his hobbies and passions (WoW, computers, other gadgets) and gives me my space. He's not very chatty, but it may just be a guy thing. We don't discuss the technical details of our work too much but do discuss interpersonal relations at work, politics etc. He's a very involved father, especially with the older kids.

    Overall, IMHO engineers make awesome husbands and fathers. What's not to like? Yes, I would marry an engineer again.

  7. Mike Burr

    Chris, congratulations on the leap of faith.

    For me and SWMBO, I would have to agree with Joe. I married a school teacher, English major and all. She likes tech, and can usually work her way through problems. Every once in a while I end up helping her or her fellow teachers out with computers/projectors etc. That being said, she does provide a different viewpoint that isn’t tech related. When I’m working through a problem with a design at work. The people at work usually understand the same things and see the same things I see. However, with my wife, I have to explain things, which sometimes helps, and also she sees things different and offers out of the box ideas. Which helps me see things differently. So, to me it makes sense to marry outside of the “Discipline” πŸ™‚

  8. DrWife

    I married an engineer, you may know him as GEARS. We even do similar work and talk about it a lot. It works out great because it doesnt leave anyone out. But I am glad I work in industry and he’s in academia. Better that we can work together for grants instead of competing. The only problem with being married to another mech E is we both want to use the power tools when fixing the house. And we both think we can do it better. Hoping nanoGEARS doesn’t feel too much pressure to be an engineer when grown up.

  9. Mike

    Hi Chris,

    Since I’m married to Cherish, you obviously know part of my answer. But let me fill you in on the rest…

    When I met Cherish, she was working on her BS in Physics. She started working on her MSEE because she was waiting for her husband to finish that pesky PhD he had been working on for (mumble, mumble) years. And now, she’s getting a PhD in geophysics while working on a dissertation in solar physics.

    So, I apparently married a geophysical helioengineer. Or maybe a heliophysical geoengineer. Or something like that. Anyway, she’s alot smarter than I am!

  10. Mike

    Oops – forgot one thing in the rambling above. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

  11. Cherish The Scientist

    Congratulations, Chris!

    I would agree with GMP: my husband is far more organized than I am, and he’s a great dad and husband. On the other hand, I know other engineers that there’s no way I’d be able to handle being around them all the time, so I think it’s a matter of preference: you have to like the person first, but it’s a bonus if they’re also an engineer. So I would marry an engineer like my husband again, but not just any engineer.

    (Incidentally, I’ve been trying for years to get Mike to admit I’m smarter than him. I’m amused that he’ll do this on a public forum, but never to me.) πŸ˜€

  12. Miss Outlier

    Congratulations, Chris!

    I have seen it work both ways. My father is an engineer who is married to my photographer, singer, teacher mother. She’s good at a lot of things, none of them engineering, and they make a great team! They’ve been married 31 years.

    My boyfriend triple majored in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering in college, and then got his M.S. in Aero Engineering. We joke that when I get my PhD, I will have the higher degree but he will still have more in total. πŸ™‚ And I would marry him in a heartbeat.

    So it takes all sorts of pairs, I think.

  13. Bill

    Congrats Chris,

    I’m happily married to a non-engineer and think we balance each other out, but I can’t imagine a hard rule (for or against marrying engineers) would ever be a good idea. My wife, however, does think it is awesome to marry an engineer.`

  14. Melinda Gustafson Gervasi

    Congrats on your marriage. I met my EE husband on 3-10-05 and married him on 6-21-06 It remains the best decision of my life. Educated, articulate, detail oriented, and a math whiz are wonderful traits for a spouse to have (he noticed the housing bubble as it formed and we avoided buying at its peak), and as I’ve told numerous friends, you’ll find those characteristics in an engineer. I am not an engineer, but an attorney. Our work lives are drastically different, but we are both analytic and type-A. Marry an engineer again? Yes, but it would have to be my engineer. Enjoy your journey together.

  15. Paul Clarke

    You only get to use the β€œI was getting married” excuse once for not turning in a longer blog you know! ;o)

    My wife married me because I was an engineer – I think the fact I fixed her electric drill and the idea of high pay swang it for me – how wrong she was! LOL

    She is not an engineer and nor would I want her to be. I think the passion for playing and bringing work home would be too much temptation for me. As it is she keeps me in check and stops my weekends turning into a geek filled obsession. Makes me remember there is more in life then engineering, that being kids, holidays having fun and cleaning (something I’d never do unless motivated!).

    I have a online community I can talk to about engineering – and a wife, kids and family that play as my anti-engineering side – giving me some balance.

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  17. Rob Googe

    Congrats Chris, the Amphour is my Wednesday morning commute soundtrack. The sad thing is, this is the way it goes on these blog postings… “Hey, honey, they’re asking ‘Would you marry an Engineer’ on this blog… do you want to come over and write something?”….

    Hey, Dar, do you want to come over here and write about marrying an Engineer on this Blog?

    This is Dar … I am very glad I married an engineer. As an English / Geography teacher I have had a steep tech learning curve, which my EE has helped me with over the years. Another benefit, he can help the kids with their science and maths work! The only downside … the compulsive hoarding of ‘just in case’ parts and equipment in the garage.

  18. Colleen

    My hubby sent me this link. I am married to an engineer and I am far from one. There are different benefits as we never have to call some one to come fix any item that is broken. It is nice for him to be working at his desk or area to leave me with my hobby reading. He is really good dad and really good answering all those why questioins. The downside is that his “projects” do take away from time for doing laundry, dishes etc. The other downside is that he is a pack rat and I can not throw things away because he could use it for a project one day.

    1. Donna

      Dear Colleen,
      I’ll never forget the time that I tried to get rid of some of my husbands electronic things. You would have thought I was giving my first born away.I never knew how attached an engineer could become to a thing.
      He too is a pack rat and now I have taken up the evil habit too.

  19. Mike C

    What spouses of engineers have to deal with.

    First I am lucky I am an engineer (mech E and Materials) and my kids are grown . i live by the beach in SOCAL and therefore am able to leave the house in the winter most of the time….so I am not a hard to deal with for entertainment as maybe an engineer in say michigan….

    What my SOs have had to deal with…

    Refinishing my garage….being a perfectionist I removed EVERY 2x 4 that did not meet my standards….(about 60 %) AND since my house is old stlye lath and plaster EACH 2.x had to be planed to fit where to old one came out along with EACH AND EVERY fire brake….not to mention foam sealing EACH AND EVERY peice of insulation……AND hand fitting EACH and EVERY sheet of drywall….and fairing them in to perfection…the major poin of pride was fairing in the existing paster on part of the backwall to match the new surfaces. THEN putting on a thin plaster coat over the whole job to cut the gloss of the 3 coats of paint. ..next week i start the rewiring job.

    Last December I was bored so I made a bet with my self to see how much fun I could have with 10 bucks…i made a tennis ball cannon from asparagus cans using starter fluid as a propellan and after a while soaking the balls in lighter fliud …for that flaming balll effect”..the cans were free as were the ball as I picked them up on my evening walks by the tennis coursts by the condos around the corner. BTW max range estimated at 450 feet….

    I built my own Bicycle repair rack, workbench (out of 2x4s with all cuts made at Home Depot for free….

    It get a LOT worse………………………….

    But she does get entertained by what I come up with…she is a realtor ……I am considered entertaining.

  20. Ken

    My wife and I are both Engineers. We graduated from Lowell Tech together. Last August we celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary.

  21. Sharon

    I am an engineer and I did marry an engineer and had two children with him. It was great working together. It was great commuting together. It was great raising a family together. Unfortunately, after 26 years of marriage I lost him last November. For days I couldn’t walk into our consulting lab or shop. Anything “engineering” was tough and brought tears to my eyes. I miss him very much. Engineers make excellent husbands.

  22. David

    I’m a Systems Engineer training in Application Engineering at the current time. I’m getting married to an Accountant…a bean counter…This is great because we both are Nerdy Geeks and relate to one another like no one else can. We have a Nerdy Geek Child together whom I hope will grow up to be an Engineer.

    Would I marry an Engineer, sure if I wern’t already taken by an Accountant.

  23. Lynne

    When I met my husband, I had gone to a party to mingle with single firemen and ended up falling for an engineer instead. While clutter and creative home repairs do seem to come with the package, I wouldn’t change a thing! His clear, well-structured mind and his ability to focus that mind on the things he is passionate about are a very attractive pairing.

  24. Dave

    My wife had no choice, I got my EE degree after we were married and our 12 year old daughter was there to cheer her daddy on. (Then) President Clinton even came to speak at our graduation (not an endorsement). Divorce was not an option … after 36 years, we are still happily married and satisfied about the professional career …

    p.s. Bill didn’t get to shake my hand, I guess he was too busy.

  25. Mr. Joe

    Good engineers are passionable, constantly challenges to discover new solutions, learn new fun technologies , constantly go through up and down cycle in economic cycle, with “little respect” and “honestly boring”.
    Have you seen a hardworking engineers without job and still love his profession?
    I’d NOT recommend my daughter to marry an engineer. Lawyers, politicans, and cops are much better in life, well-respect, and stable in our modern society with good salary, nice pension, great benefits, and definitely looking good wherever they go.

  26. C Harrington

    Yes, I married an engineer. They make the best husbands. They are nest centered, loyal, smart, funny, faithful, honest. They also start but never finish complicated projects. They research solutions until they decide and then regret the decision and start research all over again. They are kept happy with a good meal, a beer, and a top of the line loaded computer (which becomes obsolete as soon as the latest gadget is installed). They are very good listeners but men of few words themselves. Like a cat they must be captured slowly so they are not scared but once captured they purr loudly. They know they are right and that is annoying because most often they are. They appreciate smart feisty women because they are still amazed that they captured a female of the species. However, they are still not sure we are of the same species. We may, indeed, be aliens from another planet but since we are all that’s there, they deal with reality very well and succumb to our charms. I have not been bored one second in 22 years. Annoyed, yes, but never bored. Would I marry an engineer again? I hope I never have to consider that but they are the best!

    1. GMP

      Best response ever! Made me smile and nod in agreement… This sounds totally my like husband!

    2. Donna

      I agree. You said it all. As a nurse I sometimes have trouble relating to the technology side becuase everything in my field is not black and white. There is a lot of grey. Engineers think in black and white.

  27. Kirsten

    I can’t wait to ask my husband this – we celebrated 25 years this week. I’m the engineer and he is an economist, but I think he is really more the engineer mindset (his dad and brothers are all engineers, and the family joke is that he had to be one or marry one). We both attribute part of our great relationship to engineering logic in making decisions.

  28. Dick Freebird

    Nerd girls are the hotness. If polygamy was legal I’d marry two.

  29. Dennis Verstegen

    If an engineer married an engineer, it is likely they would both understand thermodynamics and thermostats.

    1. Cherish The Scientist

      Unless, of course, they aren’t mechanically inclined.

  30. agammy

    Yes! I just married an engineer this year, and I think engineers make great partners. They’re smart (most important) dependable, are excellent problem-solvers, generally can stay focused on something (or someone) – lots of great things to be said about engineers. I think the only downside about marrying an engineer is that some tend to be arrogant, especially towards the liberal arts folks – which I don’t take kindly to – but I found one who is very humble. Perfect package πŸ™‚

    And I’m not normally this mushy – we just got back from our honeymoon in Tahiti so I am feeling extra nice…

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  32. Mildred Bigby

    I married an engineer and even made a blog about my life with him. I have to say, for someone who gets bored so easily with everything, I am constantly amused with his crazy and hilarious inventions… or just being himself. Even the hottest dudes eventually get fat and old and ugly, just like all of us, but to have such never ending entertaining brain! I am lucky.

  33. Oil and Gas Blog

    Hi Chris,

    I’m an engineer & still single until now. Personally, not a big problem for me to marry an engineer.

    Everything happen for a good reasons and we will try to adapt whatever situation that we are facing right..so, cheers guys… πŸ™‚

    Oil and Gas Blog

  34. Alma

    I am married to one. I am a foreign languages teacher. I wish I was as happy as the rest of you. I’m not a fan of nerds, and when we first got together, he hid that side of him quite well. Over the years, however, it’s taken over his personality. I am sure he probably feels that I’ve changed, too. Yeah. Hmph. Not so good.

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  37. Atenu

    Hi Chris,
    My comment may be a year too late but I hope yo marriage is going on well.

    Am not an engineer but I would definitely marry one. Why? Well, their job status is one thing but am particularly interested in their character. Many of them are morally up right and they are shy ( with the opposite sex ) which I find kinda sexy. Also, their IQ is thru the roof. I mean how cool is that.

    Now how about you hook me up with one πŸ™‚

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  39. Mexico Wedding

    Yes i am, and i am still praying to have one πŸ˜€ My current bf is working as a facilities engineer in a call centre industry.

  40. mme me

    OMGGGGG! Since i was child, i have dreamt of marrying an engineer..I am a life science – social science double major but I am so in love with engineering…If I could go back, I would have loved to throw in that major as well..I dont know what it is but something about the discipline just gets me excited…I love it! I definately wasted my undergrad opportunity where there were tons of engineers and soon-to-be-engineers. I should have gone out to parties, hung out at the engineering library, e.t.c. Maybe I would have been able to have a taste of what it’s like to be with an engineer. I watch em discovery channel invention shows and find that everyday, I dream up some invention that will make some aspect of life easier. Maybe I have an engineer’s mindset. I dont know…I really <3 engineering..I just wonder if I would like em engineers as much as I like the profession..lolll

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  42. NoEAshly

    Not an engineer, but I married one last December and I regret nothing! He is actually working as a marine at the moment but he got a degree in Aerospace Engineering before enlisting (actually, after graduation he couldn’t find a job so he joined the military). I love how logical he is. Personally, I’m very emotionally driven and very extroverted, he’s logically driven and introverted (but not shy). Ours is the perfect example of opposites attract. It can cause friction but I like to say our biggest weakness can also be our biggest asset if we work at it. We help to balance each other out. I’m very open and honest and can’t hide my emotions worth crap and he loves this about me. He doesn’t have to guess how I’m feeling, and after scaring guys off in the past from it, it was refreshing to find someone who appreciated it. He offers logical solutions to problems when I am over emotional and he is very patient with me. It’s so funny, growing up I always wanted to marry a military man but ended up falling in love with an engineer… who decided to join later on. So, I get the best of both worlds! I LOVE my engineer and wouldn’t have it any other way!

  43. Aubrey

    Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you will be as happily wed as my husband (a mechE) and I (a pediatric nurse) are. To answer your question, I would marry my husband again in a heartbeat. Much like the last post, I am a “people person”, emotionally driven and outgoing where my guy is very methodical and logical, has a few social foibles, and is very Type-A when it comes to personality. I’m also a strong person when it comes to character so I think some of our friction comes from two “chiefs” being under one roof. A word of advice to those either married to an engineer or considering it, find area of expertise where you are comfortable giving over the reins to your partner – constantly being in the same area trying to perfect the others work will end in a blow up. I had to chase my husband out of the kitchen or I’d do something drastic, and by the same token, I know he’s in charge when it comes to planning and implementing home renovations, ect.
    We love each other, so finding ways to coexist is our best option no matter what. Love the person first, the profession later. Nothing would stop me from marrying my husband Shawn all over again; we’ve been married a little over 2 years and I’m hoping for 70 more at least!

  44. Janet

    I’ve been married to my engineer for 29 years come January 13th. He’s the absolutely the best husband in the world, very loyal and loving. And plus, we never have to spend any money ‘coz he fixes everything around the house, lol. Engineers are stable, steady types who you can depend on. They listen, most of them I’ve known are very kind. And mine is really cute too and makes me laugh a lot.

  45. Tammy

    An English Major and an Engineer should never get married. I made this… mistake 11 years ago. We have almost nothing in common. I blame my husband/Engineer. He should have known we would make eachother miserable. He can only do micro and I can only do macro stuff. Our marriage was doomed from the start.

  46. aielynn

    Yes i’m maried to an engineer for 7 years. He was my best friend back in university. Good thing about married to an engineer is that they are very rule oriented, and process oriented as they believed that prevention is better than cure. Plus, they are good at giving solution and always be the problem solver whether in their work or in everyday life. Me,having the engineering background also, it means that we understand each other better and can accept our point of view based on logic reasoning. Communication becomes much easier and that is what the utmost importance in relationship.