5 responses to “Writing in Style”

  1. db

    I have thought about getting a fountain pen but currently am addicted to the Zebra F-701 (http://www.zebrapen.com/products/pen/f-701). I do like the idea of different colored inks though.

  2. Jed Sutherland

    I’ve been using a Waterman pen for the last 20 years or so. I really enjoy having it and even though I’m not employed anymore, I still write in my journal.

    I like the coloured inks you can get. I like the fact that it’s so expensive that it makes sense to spend $100 to replace the nib (someone dropped my pen on the floor…note to self: don’t lend pen to anyone). I like the fact that it can be fixed. I enjoy the thought that it’s been broken in to my particular hand.

    Sure, it’s an affectation, but there’s nothing wrong with being a little out of step with your fellows.

  3. Cherish The Scientist

    I used to love writing with a fountain pen, but it got to be too difficult to find refills…and occasionally, I would end up with a mess.

    Now I go to the bookstore at the beginning of every semester and buy a boatload of Zebra Sarasas in different colors. They’re awesome pens, and they work great for my lab notebook, among other things.

    And yes, I do feel guilty about buying disposable pens. 🙁

  4. Jed Sutherland

    Points noted. With many pen models, you can buy (or they include it) a reservoir with a screw-driven plunger instead of plastic cartridges. Then you can buy ink in bottles, stick the pen nib into the bottle and suck up some ink.

    But you’re right, fountain pens can act like, um, fountains. The resulting mess can be inconvenient. Still, style doesn’t come cheap.

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