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  1. QuadTech

    Deadlines hang over every engineer’s head. As strange as is sounds, you have to plan for the unexpected. What is a crucial piece of equipment at work breaks? What is an completed project needs to be done? There has to be room in your schedule to allot for things that could make you miss your deadline.

  2. An old engineer

    When I do project scheduling, I like to build in dead time periods into the schedule at certain intervals. That way, if issues develop during project that require extra time to resolve, you don’t immediately become behind schedule. A good time for a dead period is right after a major design review.

    Of course, these dead times are hidden in the GANTT chart and not visible to upper management. Some additional things to remember.

    1. Not everyone cannot go at 100% all the time. You just burn everyone out.
    2. Not everyone works at 100% efficency There are rest breaks, phone calls, etc. that also needs to get done. The best I ever found was 75%, the average was about 60%.
    3. The larger the project, the more problems you’ll have with everyone trying to keep to the schedule. This is very true when you need input or equipment from other groups.

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