6 responses to “The Economics of Academia (Part 1)”

  1. Alex

    Trust me, no prof wants to teach 3 classes one semester and 4 the next.
    So, you’ve never heard of primarily-undergraduate state universities with engineering schools and teaching loads 0f 12 units/term?

    I’m at such a place, and you’ve probably heard of our engineering school.

  2. Alex

    Oops, the first line was supposed to be italicized, to show I was quoting you.

  3. Cherish The Scientist

    Again, I think your numbers are way off. Most profs at community colleges are making in the $50-60k range nationally, and most don’t have PhDs. I agree with the sentiment: there are places for teaching. However, based on the pay they’re getting, my feeling is that their contribution is not as valued as those of researchers.

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