3 responses to “Crash Test Engineers”

  1. addidis

    Now all we have to do , is get kids starting out in those cars instead of the ones they can afford. In my case it had no airbags, no abs , a stick , those old windshields, and one of the ultra hard solid steel steering wheels (covered in vinyl 1/16 thick). Granted the seat belt apparently worked, but it sure would have been sweet if i had had access to all that gadgetry to protect my head, neck, back, hips, knees.
    Now a days, we should probably focus on not controlling the car our selves, and not crashing to begin with rather then more things exploding in the car to save us when we do (airbag). Just saying you cant get hurt if the car doesnt crash it self.

  2. gasstationwithoutpumps

    All the “safety” features do nothing to prevent deaths and injury to innocent pedestrians and bicyclists. Indeed, by making drivers less likely to kill themselves, they increase the risk to pedestrians and bicyclists, because the really bad drivers are not taken out of the pool of drivers.

  3. engineer blogs

    the accident its only reason to leave this world,but we can reduce accident(only) by driving more carefully…,,,, engineer blogs