One response to “The Daily Grind”

  1. riven

    I am from industry and am on call so I have had the ‘wake uo the baby is crying’ routine except that it was a process plant. I have been called out 17 nights in 3 months which is not bad but these are usually on top of an 8-12 hour day. I have ended up sleepoing at several ‘lovely’ locations on a pull out. It is not the worst. I have a collegue who has to travel reguylarly to China and Japan. Once they worked chinese hours; 57 out of 60 days at 12+ hours a day.

    It is not true that noone cares about your work life balance. You care. So how do i deal. I simply tell my boss that I will change the extra hours for holidays. Otherwise he can pay me overtime which in Europe, is vey expensive (by law I am only ‘allowed’ to work 9 hours a day thought these are considerations i.e. 3 on 3 off) . I am happy with the job so I am happy with the exchange.