2 responses to “Social Events with Coworkers”

  1. riven

    I guess the European situation is less reserved. While I cannot speak for everyone, I think the message would be to lighten up and not be so serious. I have never had a serious work outing (Japanese, Irish, Dutch). I guess that that mainly occurs due to the constant interaction with different nationalities and attitudes (and yes the stereotypes of the different countries in Europe are by and large true if you know which ones to apply).

    I would also bet two things
    1. Most European companies if they have an outing will come to an agreement with the employees on what to do. In fact it will probably be group orientated (10-30 people aim) and organized by said group within budget.
    2. A beach party will hardly ever be organized by northern companies. My gut tells me that counties like Spain and Italy will not do this either.

    As regards after work I quite frankly don’t give a flying feck. Being Irish our social centers are dominated by the pub and sports organisations as that is where the community meets. Having worked aboard for 5 years in different countries, that has not changed. There are certain activities that I would not advertise but that will not stop me having beer or 5 for fear of my boss coming in. What I do in my own time (unless illegal) has no bearing on my work life unless my contract explicatively states it.

    On that point I regularly go out for meals and to the pub with fellow colleagues not only to catch up on personal stories but also on work issues. We work in a very diverse company with solar, wind biomass, nuclear etc all existing so it is like multiple companies under on parent campus. You can learn a lot via candid talk.

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