4 responses to “Masterful mess”

  1. riven

    I have two examples.

    The first regards an overworked colleague and close friend. I did not work directly with him (not even in the same technology) but I could sense that something was wrong. He had not taken many holidays and was unwilling to relinquish control of a very important part of a very important project.

    While I did say that he needed to take holidays, I was not forceful enough and did not take him aside to get the entire picture. My feelings were proven correct when he blew up in the lab one day (he was right to get angry but being right and communication are not always the same). He ended up leaving the company and is currently doing well but it could have turned out worse (his manager was and is useless). If felt a little responsible because I had a feeling of the impending doom.

    The second is walking into a bad job. I did not at the time have the critical skills to evaluate the job properly (research being done was overvalued). From that experience I learned what to look for so while a mistake, it was very valuable. I left after a short period of 6 months.

  2. GEARS

    Even if you cut it close, it doesn’t matter. You still made it out of there. Look on the bright side, you did learn a very important skill that some people just don’t have. That would be the skill to “get it done”.

    With that said, next time, multiply your estimated time by pi and you won’t have this problem 😀