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  1. riven

    As a chemical enginner working with the chemical industry, extreme usaually comes from scale or safety failures.
    When piloting with a unit to remove water from a stream of waste organics, our time for treamtent of 9000m3 was 1-2 months. This stream would then be fed to a boiler and would be consumed in about 6 hours. The difference in scale was extreme in this case because buring a tonne of fuel is by no means large in the chemical/oil industry.
    Another extreme instance was when visiting Moneypoint; Irelands coal fired power plant. There we were walking under I suspect 30″ diam pipes that contained superheated steam at over 500C. Needless to say if one of the pipes failed, there would be no running, only melting.
    My video documented example of an extreme failure is the Pepcon explosion. You can find examples on youtube.

  2. Mike

    Very interesting Paul, I would have killed to have had your job! Well, maybe done some light pushing and shoving anyway. Readers may be interested in these two TV programmes from the 1980s which show the development of the first Ford Cosworth F1 turbo engine. There is quite a bit about engine management, mapping and debugging. I couldn’t imagine a mainstream channel showing anything like this now, they even show a man using a soldering iron!


  3. FrauTech

    Great post, I’ve only been on the other side of this where the ECU was sort of a man behind the curtain that we never got to see. Very interesting stuff!

  4. Stanley Ma

    If cost is no object in F1 race cars, there isn’t really a price/performance trade-off, esp. when the cost of these parts is tiny compared to the rest of the car. Seems like going with a $1 micro is the wrong approach.

  5. Mike

    I used to work for a major Ag manufacturer. All the tractors and construction equipment above ~1oo hp had ECUs to get those stinky diesels to meet emissions standards. And they did it with a lowly 16 bit micro.

  6. Mark Oliver Ouano

    Nice block Paul.

  7. Mark Oliver Ouano

    Nice blog Paul.