6 responses to “Be all you can be… for free”

  1. gasstationwithoutpumps

    What you say is mostly true of PhD programs. MS programs at top-ranked universities often do expect students to pay, because the demand is higher than they can fund. Even at those programs, it is usually possible to get a TA position.

    If you just want a degree, and don’t care about name brand or quality, you can probably find a program that will offer money.

  2. GEARS

    There’s some truth to what you’re saying. Universities expect students to pay at both the MSc and PhD level. But they don’t care where the actual money comes from (meaning either the student or some project proposal). Maybe at the MSc level, more comes from students whereas at the PhD level more comes from projects.

    Even [especially?] at the top universities, there’s enough money around to get in for free if you’re at least an average student at the MS level. You just have to want to work on the right project, find the right advisor, or know the right questions to ask. The easiest thing is to pick up the phone and ask (don’t email!). And know what you want to say. If you start out by stamming “I…ummm….I…uggghh…. want to do research on… stuff…” is not a good way to go about it. But saying “I’ve seen from your past publications, you’ve worked on this and that which interests me. I’m interested in a similar area [] and want to work for you.” yadda yadda yadda

  3. Helena

    I’m entering college this fall as a freshman, and I’ve enjoyed reading EB for a long time. I’ve always known that I wanted to go to graduate school, but the chances seem to be slimming down, due to the intensity of the undergrad curriculum and the lack of research in my field of interest at renowned universities. The tens of thousands of dollars of debt I’ll have at the end of my undergrad isn’t helping the outlook either. What is the benefit of having a graduate or PhD level degree, as opposed to entering into industrial research for specialized companies?

  4. Yous

    Which universities offer a MS/PhD programme for people from Europe? I’m from the Netherlands and have a bachelor degree in EE.

  5. Chelsea

    Hello! I’m a junior in a ME program, and am thinking about attending grad school after I graduate. My university (University of North Florida), does not have much in the terms of grad school, so I’ll have to look elsewhere. I think I know the general type of research I want to do (propulsion systems, aerospace-type stuff). My question is, though, how do I find a grad school that I want to apply for and that does research in the areas I want to do research in? I have no idea where to start and it is a bit overwhelming.