4 responses to “Reality vs. Virtuality”

  1. Michael Carroll

    If the controller is built properly, then initial conditions shouldn’t affect it at all. I would assume that a MIMO control system built by a graduate-level student in a controls department would take this into account.

    But what you say is very true. At an undergraduate level from the EE side, most “real system” stuff is waved away. At the same time, when designing a controller, a good engineer should take into account sensitivity and robustness which can help mitigate the differences between the model and the physical system.

    At the end of the day, how accurate does the model have to be? Does it have to be an atom-for-atom simulation of all of the forces and dynamics that are happening in the system? Probably not, and this is why we are engineers and not physicists. We are smart enough to make the cost-benefit analysis when it comes to accuracy of the model versus meeting the actual design requirements.

    Anyway, great job, would love to see more Controls posts!

  2. Cherish The Scientist

    EEs only seem bad because you haven’t had to deal with theoretical physicists.