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  1. Dave Vandenbout

    John, you are exactly right on this one. Too often I hear engineers bemoaning how they are portrayed and then forming large-scale plans to change our image in movies or TV. But these plans are never realized since most of us have no real power over the popular media. But we do have a lot of influence over those we know personally, and one hour spent enthusiastically teaching a child about engineering does more than a day of forming grand plans for changing the world (or even blogging).

  2. addidis

    I think you have something not many people have monpjc, an engineering degree, and a son who appears to be a sponge soaking up new knowledge faster then he can write up. For you this interaction between you two is common place but other parents (with a degree in something less interesting) could probably use a more detailed insight into how you help your son grow. So they can better support their kids, in something that they are not good at.

    Your insight is unique , and can benefit way more parents if you document what your doing with your son. If you think its difficult to inspire kids with passion , imagine how some one without the degree you have would.

  3. Miss MSE

    This: http://www.awim.org/ is a fantastic program for working with kids of various ages. You really get a chance to interact with them, and be an example of a real engineer (or scientist). The activities I’ve done were very fun for all of us, and can be a great starting point for developing your own program.

    When my sister and I were little, my parents helped us make insects out of resistors. We also helped my father debug drawing software, mostly by doing things until we broke it. I’m very lucky to be the child of two engineers!

  4. gasstationwithoutpumps

    I’ve blogged about my own early training at

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