One response to “Learning sprocketry from geologists”

  1. JC

    ‘Minds me of the time I was doing backup – drawings checks &c _ for an O&G production thing. The lead was a Welshman, the process guy was a Scot. the pressures guy was a cajun and the EE was a Texas-grown ethnic Japanese. None of them could understand their respective spoken English, much less the professional jargon. Not being a PE, I had (ahem) “cross trained” in all of the fields, and having a good ear I could translate between them when needed. Of course, all the documentation that showed up was in French (why, BTW, is the good translating dictionary called “the Russian”) Project came off under budget and ahead of schedule, so the same team was used for the next project…In Spanish. (That’s my GOOD language).
    Currently between labels, as they say.