4 responses to “Engineering majors most lucrative”

  1. billswift

    If you’re feeling down about almost anything, just remember things could always be worse. If you don’t believe me, just try reading a little history.

  2. Audra Sayn-Wittgenstein

    Thank goodness salary is not the only factor in job satisfaction. It would be interesting to know where salary ranks as an indicator of job satisfaction for engineers compared to other professions. Googling around quickly I found pay was definitely not #1 overall. Engineers enjoy those salaries and make sure you also achieve the other things necessary for career happiness!

    http://www.careerkey.org/asp/career_options/top_ten_expectations.asp Here is an interesting link about job satisfaction indicators.

  3. riven

    Thanks for the expectations link above. Pay was never a primary concern for me so issues surrounding that were never really valid. I had been mucking around with things all my life so doing engineering was a natural choice.
    In that respect the type of work was very important. I choose this job because of the opportunities to expand my experience and it fitted well with my philosophy. However the same can be said for the reason I would leave a job; failure to expand or a movement in the wrong direction.

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