6 responses to “A Homeschooled Engineer”

  1. tragicomix

    I agree with most of what you said. The ability to study and work through problems independently is especially important and I can see how home schooling helps there.

    However, one thing that I learned only when I started my Master’s degree was that learning to do busy work is actually useful. Forcing myself to pay attention to what I’m doing even when it’s not that interesting is turning out to be extremely important.

  2. jrspruitt

    Being a terrible student, amazingly getting around a C+ average in High School. Dropping out of college while taking one class, then pretty much failing out the second try, then taking a few years to get my priorities straight, while working jobs I didn’t like all that much. I think college reinforced what life taught me after leaving the nest, you got to want it, you got to work for it, you got to make it happen, because life doesn’t owe you anything. Once I figured that out, and tuned myself into to that mentality, college turned out to be an enlightening experience, as I started to actually enjoy learning, intellectualism, the pursuit of knowledge. It sort of snowballed from there, being surrounded by so many resources to pursue those interests. Once I set my mind to it, and just started doing it, it became a lot easier also, it wasn’t nearly the “boring hard work” I used to hate so much. I think back to k-12 where pretty much every report card said, student could do better, if I tried harder. I now know what was missing, pretty much everything you talked about. No amount of teacher student “connecting” will out do, a student who wants it, and is willing to go take it.

  3. Kristen Lowery

    I teach a Future City Engineering Competition (www.futurecity.org) class at a homeschool co-op in Lancaster PA, and am always looking for “guest engineers” to speak to the middle schoolers. If you’re nearby it would be great to have a homeschooler that has gone on in the field to come talk to the kids. They are a great class. For the past two years they have won their regional competition and represented Central PA at the national competition in D.C.
    In fact this years class each won $10,000 scholarships. Let me know if you would be interested.

  4. Brighid

    I just found this blog as I was searching for a homeschool-friendly Intro to Mechanical Engineering course for a high school student. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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