4 responses to “Wiggle It – Just A Little Bit | EMC”

  1. Bill

    I like your “messy windings” idea. It would be nice if you could buy off the shelf inductors made like that.

    My only wiggles have been traces, for length matching, though I try to avoid it if I can. I it seems like electronic hardware design constantly breaks the “looks good works good” rule, as many “works good” solutions are pretty ugly.

  2. Stanley Ma

    One silicon, we may wiggle the layout of a wire to match timing delays, but that’s usually frowned upon as a kludge rather than a robust solution. I also like your messy winding idea.

  3. Ron Amundson

    I’ve never been a fan of the spread spectrum approach, as invariably the frequency of interest seek out a victim somewhere and cause no small amount of field headaches at some point. Have you ever played around with old school pi winding? I’ve often thought it might be worth investigation, albeit the efficiency loss might well shoot one in the foot as far as other standards go.

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