2 responses to “Patently Perverse”

  1. Alex

    Dear Fluxor,

    I have enjoyed reading your posts for some time now, and finally decided to respond. English is not my mother tongue so I apoligize in advance for any grammar/spelling mistakes.
    I couldn’t agree more with you regarding the “zero-value” of these PatentCorp – like companies, they bring absolutely no real value to the industry.
    But I am sure that you could appriciate the notion of ownership of an idea/invention, while the process of registering the patent is tedious and time consuming – I can’t think of any other way to protect what is rightfully yours.
    I know that many companies encourage their engineerins to apply for patents “left and right”, they immediately want to protect their intellectual property.
    But what does a “simple Joe” do? Who does not have a giant behind him (the company) to back him up? Let’s say I invented/discovered a certain circuit/circuit technique during my studies? (I am finishing my Ms.c)
    I sure can’t afford the registration fee on my own (last I heard it was thousands of dollars…). So, it a cath 22 right there – can’t protect it, but have to show it around in order to interest potential investors/sponsors.
    It’s a lousy situation to be in… but I am sure I am not the only one out there in this situation.
    In some sense, I can relate to your feeling that you described in the beggining (i.e wanting to save the world with circuits an all 🙂 – I am still hanging on to that though 🙂

    Would like a kind advice or comment or anything…

    Keep the great posts coming, It is sure nice to have someone to relate to out there.