4 responses to “Overhaul academia – except in engineering”

  1. Adam Shea

    As an electrical engineer in a PhD program I couldn’t agree more. Of the 8 or so students we have graduating this next year, only 1 is looking to be in academia. The others are all going into industry or government R&D jobs.

  2. Chris Gammell

    I’d say the problem is not that there is a large push to overpopulate the PhD program. I would instead say the biggest problem is that undergraduate programs teach as though everyone is going into a PhD program (at least mine did). Need more focus on the practical and the projects because I’ll be damned if I spend the next 7 years of my life locked in a lab (sorry Cherish!) 🙂

  3. Stanley Ma

    I have a M.A.Sc. (masters of applied science). When I was there, more than half of my professor’s masters students did move on to a doctorate degree, especially during the late 90’s when the dot-com bubble was still going strong. There were generous offers left, right, and centre.

  4. Miss MSE

    I have to agree: every time I read one of those articles, I look around my department and notice that not only are most graduates finding jobs, they’re finding them before they’ve defended most of the time, especially if they’re looking outside of academia. Things inside academia are still very competitive, but the opportunities elsewhere are thankfully pretty plentiful.

    There were some students in my BS graduating class who had trouble finding jobs right away, but I believe everyone was either employed in the field, or in grad school in a pretty reasonable time frame.

    The article does specifically recommend trying to develop cross-disciplinary programs trying to solve practical problems, and that may be one of the fundamental advantages of engineering. We’re already solving practical problems.