2 responses to “Love What You Do”

  1. GEARS

    I have a friend who’s a lawyer in patent law. I asked him at one point when he was a trainee (wasn’t finished with law school) and was making $190k/yr, should I switch to patent law and screw engineering.

    He asked me a very simple question: “Under what minimum circumstances would you do your current line of work? [research, in this case]”. And my response was: “I’d do it as a hobby if I didn’t need to eat and if someone paid for my toys in the lab”.

    His advice was to stay in my current field. Even though he makes (now) ~4 times my salary, he has ~7 times my workload and more work BS on top of it. And let’s face it, if you’re on a tenure track in engineering, you’re still going to earn a nice living. It’s not lawyer money, but it’s not lawyer BS either.

    1. Chris Gammell

      I’ve always said you couldn’t pay me enough to be a patent lawyer. Great pay, sure, but staring at others’ inventions all day AND do all the lawyery boring stuff? Noooooo.