5 responses to “Jukin’ the Stats”

  1. Craig

    Your 100-minutes to the hour argument made me immediately think of the classic “0.02 dollars = 0.02 cents” phone call to Verizon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2isSJKntbg

    1. Stanley Ma

      TempMGR was ahead of his time, deciding to go metric on the clock.

    2. GEARS

      Ok, well that $0.002 = $0.00002 is pretty ridiculous but my 100 minutes = 1 hour still beats that.

  2. Jacob

    I hope you let the other workers know they were getting underpaid before you left!

  3. Bill

    I’ve wondered about the car seat position myself. My guess is rear facing is only safer for head on crashes, and safe drivers may be more likely to be victim of a rear end collision they can’t avoid.