2 responses to “Torture Class 101”

  1. jrspruitt

    You know, now that you mention it, a class in high school I took, dealing with this subject, I don’t remember anything about it, except the teacher. Who was quite the opinionated character, which is probably good, I know we had more than one of these types of classes, at least I remember his.

    Your right though, I would say engineering and more of the social sciences kind of stuff, are just two different kinds of thought all together. I had to start breaking the world down into two categories, stuff that involves people, and stuff that doesn’t. Stuff that doesn’t, there are usually concrete answers for, it is this way or that way. Stuff dealing with people, who knows, what is good for one person, is terrible for another, what makes one person smile, makes another cry. One you learn how it works, and the other you adapt to how it works. Probably why I find socializing so much work, I’m not naturally that way, so its all a conscious effort.

  2. Fluxor

    In high school, I viewed “soft” subjects such as English, French, and Art to be a real drag on my average, where marks were not given out in a predictable fashion, but was left up to the biased whim of the teacher. But as I got older, my interest in the humanities grew to the point where, now, if I were to win the lottery and go back to university, I’d get a degree in the humanities.