3 responses to “It’s The Teacher, Silly”

  1. Chris Gammell

    Talked to Dr. P today. He wanted me to point out that the 14 years was from the time he entered college as an undergrad to the time he got his PhD. It was only 2 years to get from the MS to the PhD. Makes sense, but still…that’s a lotta school time.

  2. Mike Burr

    I can understand about the time delays. I earned my AS in 1999, and ended up finishing my BS in 2007. However, there was a slight difference. I was active duty military and ended up being stationed in Japan from 1999-2003. I didn’t restart the BS until 2005. Now I’m looking at going back for my MS. However working in a field that I didn’t have “Practice” in has been very helpful. Currently I design H/W and S/W for industrial metal detectors and am learning quite a bit about coil wound antennas and pulse inductive prospecting. Hopefully I can work back through the DSP and make those classes a little bit easier. 🙂

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