7 responses to “It’s All About The Flux”

  1. Em

    As a tangential response, UW stopped providing ranks and averages for classes and for courses when they moved everything online in the early ’00s because the software was apparently incapable of calculating them (or the people who spec’d out the system didn’t care about rank, so the requirement never made it to the vendor).

    1. Fluxor

      Seems to me any school with a computerized database can easily extract that information in mere seconds. Looks like the administration has decided to drop the comparisons. Hurt feelings and lowered self-esteem and all that, I’m sure.

  2. Bill

    I think it’s generally a rule that E&M teachers must have heavy accents, just to add another layer of difficulty.

  3. Jacob

    I did terribly in my vector calculus course, and it wasn’t until I studied E&M that div, grad, and curl started to make sense. I wish I could have taken them in reverse order. Those abstract vector operations sure make a lot more sense when they’re applied to something tangible like charge and fields.

    My experience with my E&M prof sounds like that of your peers in Computer Engineering. Fortunately, we had Griffiths’ textbook, which has given me a love for electromagnetism that no amount of bad teaching can take away.

  4. paul hopwood

    “I surmised an arc discharge from a Van Der Graaff generator may be able to induce a temporary lighting of a small bulb some metres away.”

    Wait… free power….
    I have an idea for a company I’d like to discuss with you! 😉

    On a serious note though, EM courses are the bane of anyone who’s ever studied EE and with that comes the ability to produce the most satisfaction & reward!

    I revisited EM by a physics prof who I found to my surprise taught the subject much better than the EE prof. Given the maths & principles involved & given the fact I’m an engineer & just want to do cool stuff the ability of the physics prof to teach it so well never really made sense to me!

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