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  1. Fluxor

    Here’s a film that was shown in school when I was a tad younger: http://www.nfb.ca/film/How_to_Build_an_Igloo/

    Two guys in the arctic. Two knives. Igloo complete in 90 minutes.

  2. Paul Hopwood

    Interesting, they’re using a totally different method to what I would have expected and the manual that comes with the igloo maker wasn’t easy to read!

    However if I understand how its supposed to work (and despite commonly held beliefs we don’t have much familiarity with proper snow in the UK) I did some back of cigarette packet number crunching for an 8ft igloo.

    I worked on total volume of snow in the walls with an exponential increase in time to move a cubic foot of snow of 1% for every 10 cubic foot shifted, which gives me about 4.4 hours to complete based on my initial conditions.

    I’m pretty happy with that as it *seems* a realistic ballpark to me but you’ll have to report back on how long it actually takes, which may be a perfect time to do a blog on battery types & requirements for heated snow clothing!

    I’d actually be interested to look at how the time taken could be optimised based on different numbers of people constructing and the human factors involved such as whether the performance lost due to fatigue is worse due to the cold or better due to the desire to get out from the cold!

  3. Igloo Ed

    The nine foot igloo takes about 75 blocks to build and uses 4.5 cubic yards of snow. The fastest a team of three of us have ever built the nine footer is one hour and forty minutes. With bad snow conditions it takes us two hours and forty minutes.
    New customers come in anywhere between two hours and eleven hours, usually around 4.5 hours.
    To be certain it is understood, I am the inventor.

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