6 responses to “Noise of Aviation”

  1. Miss Outlier

    I can certainly add anecdotal evidence to the data set – I’ve gotten used to cars driving by since I live right on a road, but it’s the unpredictable noise of the snowplows that wakes me up these days. Although if it keeps snowing so often, that noise might become routine as well! 🙂

    1. Cherish The Scientist

      We have snowplows in the winter and mosquito spraying in the summer. They sound fairly similar, so I think I’m starting to sleep through them. If anything, it’s the annoying yellow flashers that wake me.

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  5. Jo

    I agree that with the research and development over the years into aviation technology that noise from planes are no longer the main cause of sleep disruption.

    As an example, I live within a short distance from a CFB base, municipal airport and being surrounded by several hospitals with helipads that are constantly receiving air ambulances on a regular basis. Due to the oil and gas industries, there are many injuries almost daily.

    But this still is not what keeps me up all night. It is the unpredictable sudden noise of the building’s front door slamming day and night right next to my unit.

    So aircraft is not be blamed at all times.