3 responses to “How I Got My Start in Embedded Software (by Michael Barr)”

  1. FrauTech

    Welcome Michael! Also probably not a bad thing to have the EE, in my experience in the job market now many programmers I know have degrees in other disciplines or no engineering degree at all. But oftentimes the job ads will want someone with a combination of software and electrical. In fact if someone wanted to go into software now I’d probably advise them to get their EE and learn programming on the side.

  2. Rocky

    Thank you Michael for the insight. I applied for an internship this summer, yet the only requisite I was missing was programming experience. I hope to get it during my years attending UMD. Good to see a fellow Terp writing about their experiences

  3. Dward

    Thank you for the insight. Would a computer engineering degree give me just as much of a chance as an EE degree for getting a job as an embedded systems engineer? While majoring in computer engineering, I plan to minor in EE.