5 responses to “S Stands for Smith”

  1. Cherish The Scientist

    Thank you. That was probably the most straight-forward explanation I’ve seen.

    But! (There always has to be a ‘but’…)

    You forgot to mention that it’s a nomogram!

    Kitteh tinks NOM-o-gram mite B tastee

    1. Fluxor

      I would have mentioned that it’s a nomogram if I knew what a nomogram is. I do now, thanks!

      1. Cherish The Scientist

        I wrote a post about it a very long time ago, but it still seems to be one that gets me a lot of hits. I can’t figure out if it’s because of the LOLcat or not.


  2. FrauTech

    Well if it made sense to a non-sparky like me, can’t be half bad!