4 responses to “Plumber Envy”

  1. Cherish The Scientist

    I think there’s a couple things going on. Welsh may be in the honeymoon stage, but he’s also at Google. He probably gets to direct a reasonable chunk of his own work, if my perception of how things work there is accurate. This is a lot different than working as a software lackey for a large company that takes little input from their employees.

    I think that if Lemire is off the mark, it is because he may have oversimplified the reasons. Welsh also states there issues of getting funding (the bane of every researcher’s existence). The stress of a professorship is probably on par with the fact that your research may or may not be useful to someone down the line as a reason for leaving.

  2. Fluxor

    Welsh had me at “free yummy food”. It’s one of those little perks that I truly enjoy at FluxCorp. But as far as the work day goes, mine resembles Welsh’s professor life more than his Google life.

  3. Miller

    This was a great post. I admit to being happier with the day to day stuff, but it is nice to take a breath and realize the big-picture stuff is coming into play. However, I wouldn’t mind working at google. They seem to want to spend their money making sure employees never want to leave.