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  2. NJS

    My office fluctuates between a ghost town (when my four officemates work from home) and the social center. I’m much more productive with the former. That’s why I used to work during the evening a lot. I can’t do that as much now if I ever want to see my boyfriend.

  3. David Bley

    I was very fortunate. For most of my engineering career, I had my own office that included my desk and my workbench (which at one point included a fairly large homemade light table for pcb layout). We got moved around due to growth. My smallest space was 8×10 and my largest was 12×20.

  4. FrauTech

    I have an office now for the first time in my career and it has made a HUGE difference for me. I can’t speak to productivity as my job has changed so much over the years, but I’m just so much happier and laid back. So less stressed out an angry. Sometimes someone else’s chewing can really be the thing to set you off at the end of a day. Or a sick coworker who won’t stop coughing. I really wish they could redesign offices to just have a lot of very small offices. Because I don’t think the size is as important as having walls and a door you can close.

  5. A Hawkins

    I have a fairly small office with very little ‘walk by’ traffic–usually, if someone does walk by, they are coming to see me. My office has a desk, work table, bookshelf and a very large monitor obscuring my view from ‘peekers’ out in the hallway…or is it obscuring their view of me!

    I opted for the smaller office because it was closer to my lab and it didn’t have a window. That’s right, you read correctly, I chose the office WITHOUT the window. Although the window office was larger and, well, had a window, I found myself getting too distracted by the ‘goings-on’ outside. Who just pulled up to the office? Did a dog just run by? Is that so-and-so taking ANOTHER smoke break?

    On top of all that, I guess the smaller office reminded me of my graduate school days and I’m always up for a little nostalgia.

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