6 responses to “Engineering Comics (That Aren’t Dilbert)”

  1. Carmen Parisi

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (http://www.smbc-comics.com/) by Zach Weinersmith is another great comic. It doesn’t always cover engineering but I’m still left in stitches just about every time it’s updated.

    Two good engineering comics from SMBC:

    1. Carmen Parisi

      Should also mention I love Abstruse Goose as well.

  2. T K Hallus

    Best to begin at the beginning:


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  4. D. Ferguson

    xkcd.com is probably the best all round technical comic. Some of the data analyzed and presented (backed up with references) is phenomenal.

  5. mariachis bogota

    tu sitio es muy interesante lo tendré muy presente