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  1. GEARS

    Actually, when I last visited Boston, I was out with friends commenting that everyone needs an elevator pitch, even us engineers/scientists. Which then led to them prompting me for my pitch on the spot. I had one but not as good as it could have been.

    But yes, I think having a generic elevator pitch is a good thing to have and to practice. However, the whole ADD thing in that elevator pitch bothers me. It’s like looking at the intro to SportsCenter on ESPN. The cut screens are so fast and so ridiculous, it makes me not want to watch it.

  2. gasstationwithoutpumps

    Our program requires all grad students to present an elevator pitch annually.

    More at

  3. Babette Ten Haken

    Elevator pitches generally run 15-30 seconds! Most are woefully inadequate as the “pitcher” ends up sounding like a rapid-speak informercial. These pitches have a beginning, middle and an end. They should be focused on the tangible benefits an end user, colleague, professor or prospectice anyone (customer) receives from working with YOU and/or your company. It should be provocative as well, so that the listener wants to ask you “how do you do that?” while you have made them think “how can you do that for me and my company.” And yes, they take lots of practice until they become a natural part of your conversation. Easier said than done.

  4. Cherish The Scientist

    I’ve found it’s a lot easier to do with science than engineering. When I was working on a project a couple years ago, I could say something like, “I make computer models to figure out how the earth makes it’s magnetic field.” In engineering, it’s a lot harder because 1) I deal with two or three different areas and 2) they aren’t always something that everyone understands. “I make computer chips,” is something they kind of understand, but it’s not really what I am dealing with (which, right now, is packaging) and very few people get the idea of antennas.

    I’ll have to work on it. :-)

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  6. Joe DeSantis

    Miss Outlier,

    I live in the Boston area and have an idea. Promise… it is an elevator pitch. The problem is, I need someone in your field to tell me it will work. I realize you must hear this all the time but would like to explain it in two minutes if you can spare it.

    Email me at j.desantis@yahoo.fr if you have the time.

    Much thanks,


  7. Dave Cockett

    Personally I think it’s more to do with the person that’s pitching rather than the tools that he/she uses!