5 responses to “Things broken, taken apart”

  1. AS

    I took apart one of our kitchen chairs at age 2 after finding an unattended screw driver and am now working on my PhD in EE.

  2. Jason

    I didn’t really take anything apart as a kid. In fact, I was good at math and science, but didn’t really care about either. I played guitar, piano, drums and just about every brass instrument. Most people would have considered me to be more artistic than scientific.

    I didn’t really start tinkering with things until late in high school. My first job was at a gas station that had a 3 bay repair shop. A few months after I started working there, I began doing general auto repair. I was intrigued by the mechanics (and later, electronics) of the automobile. I ended up going to trade school, working on cars for a living, and eventually teaching automotive diagnostics. Now, I’m going back to school for electrical engineering. I wish I had done it when I was younger, but it was an interest that didn’t develop until my early 20s.

  3. Mike Burr

    I grew up around my Grandparents 2nd hand store. I learned how to rebuild bicycles, what a pipe threader was and the many varied uses of a blow torch. :-) My dad to Radio/TV repair when I was growing up so I had as much access to electrical as I did mechanical. I see the same things in my sons, where the oldest can see something and make a Lego Replica, where the youngest doesn’t. Although my youngest doesn’t take things apart either. This last weekend I went through with my oldest building a switch organ out of the Forest Mims book for the 555. He was more interested in the sounds, but not so much in being able to guess the value of the cap by looking at the output tone. There’s still hope for the boys yet. :-)

  4. Puting Alexander Zamoronov

    I feel awefully bad about not being able to demonstrate my crazy math skills in front of renowned caltech engineer~~

  5. Explore Home

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