10 responses to “Weekend Journal: Vegas for Engineers”

  1. Mike

    If you haven’t done so before, and you can afford it, go on a helicopter trip that flies down the strip. I haven’t been to Vegas (or any of the US unfortunately) but I know a few people who have, and they really enthuse about it. I would have loved to have gone on the roller coaster they had on the top of the 1000ft Stratosphere tower, but I understand it closed in 2005. Not a long ride, but 1000ft up in the air – jeez!

  2. John Dowdell

    Two things come to mind having done some work in small time gaming establishments is the poker machine comms network especially where members cards and associated statistics are involved. The other is the gaming attendants comms system, be it pagers, phones or whatever. Gaming floor architecture is interesting to manage RF in and around.

    The other thing i find interesting in the hotels is the smart card door locks. Some of them run off battery. Carrying out a battery changeout sounds daunting. Some are comms isolated and need to be reprogrammed individually when required. Others are on a Zigbee or similar network. Either way the door needs to know which cards can access the room. If a cleaners card goes missing for instance and it becomes a security issue, someone has to go reprogram all the locks.

  3. FrauTech

    What Mike said, can also take a helicopter ride over the grand canyon. There’s also a smallish race track nearby where you can drive some pretty fancy sports cars around the track (not cheap though). If you’re driving in, or have time to drive out of the city, Nevada skies are gorgeous at night. You don’t get to see that kind of star show too many places other than the desert.

  4. Michael Kahle

    Don’t miss the Atomic Testing Museum:


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  6. Joe

    A must see place for Engineers when visiting vegas is the atomic museum!

    Almost as good as the DAMN tour at Hoover.


  7. krux

    You missed seeing Las Vegas’ Hackerspace, SYN Shop. Next time you’re in town look us up.

    1. Chris Gammell

      I will! I love visiting hackerspaces in different cities. It’s a guaranteed good time with good peoples!

  8. krux

    I’d also suggest checking out the Pinball Hall of Fame

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