4 responses to “Breakdown”

  1. Carmen

    Best of luck Fluxor, you will be missed. Your posts were always interesting and fun to read.

  2. Chris Gammell

    The only reassuring thing for me is that you’ll still be around as an editor. I’ll miss your writing too, it always made me say, “Wha?…Wait, wha?? Can he say that?? Oh yeah, he can…now I’m glad he did.”

  3. Bill

    You wrote some of my favorite EBlogs posts and are clearly a great writer so will be missed, but it sounds like you are making a good choice. Good luck and enjoy the time with your family.

  4. Wulf The Engineer

    Goodbye Fluxor. I really enjoyed your posts and your last one was exactly the sort I like. Electromagnetism and circuits in a way I never had to think about in my career. I always enjoy learning something new.

    Nice choice of Elton John, I’m sure should you change your mind, in a few years, after you’ve spent time beyond the yellow brick road, there will be a place for you in cyberspace again, and this grizzled Engineer in his advanced youth will be pleased to read your prose.