3 responses to “Bad Reflections”

  1. Aditya S-eudonym

    That stats class reminds me of our 2nd-year maths professor, whose response to slower students was to kick them out of class, rather than making an effort to actually teaching them. To this day, attempting to solve a PDE brings back memories of a frowning moustache looking over my efforts, and pronouncing them as utter rubbish. Perhaps naturally enough, I tend to now rely on mathematica, and have a warped mathematical intuition ):

  2. Jacob

    This sounds so much like my transmission lines class that I wonder if we were taught by the same professor.

  3. Charles J Gervasi

    I didn’t get much out of my E&M class. I should go back and take another one b/c I think I would appreciate it more now coming at it from the intuition and rules of thumb I’ve developed. At the time I took the class, I was coming at it as one application of stuff from physics class. It would do mean good to revisit E&M including the hard-core physics now that I have an intuition about it.