4 responses to “Uh…What’s Engineering?”

  1. GEARS

    I had a similar situation. I was pegged for business based on my classes in high school. Marketing, Stocks & Bonds, Econ, Small business management, accounting, etc etc. And then, as a joke, some friends and I decided to take part in a Popsicle stick bridge building competition just to beat my friend’s younger brother who was at the local Magnet School (school for the gifted). They made numerous test bridges over 4 months etc etc.

    We took a slightly different path, getting drunk on a Sunday night before the competition and putting this bridge together at the last minute. We ended up owning the competition and crushed everyone, including the Magnet School. After talking with a prof at the local community college (where it was held), he asked what I was going to do in college. I said business. He suggested civil engineering. I said ok.

    Aside from some guidance to stay away from civil engineering and switching to mechanical engineering at the behest of my father (he hates contractors!), being an ME has served me well.

  2. FrauTech

    As an ME whose husband was interested in going back for engineering and also had an interest in aerospace, I advised the same with regards to going into EE. It does seem like there are a lot more opportunities, at least locally.