4 responses to “You are a controller”

  1. Chris Gammell

    Woo! Bring on the Bode plots!

  2. Paul Clarke (@Monpjc)

    PID has it’s place and is very good as a control system. However the maths can be hard to het your head around and the system will need careful setting up. Yes it’s very good but has it’s place.

    Using PI or P control will often give enougth control where some overshoot is allowed, not critical or filtered by the process under control.

    When designing a control system the designer must consider whith method is best.

  3. EricJuve

    We refer to man in the loop as “Meat Servos”…

  4. Tom

    I like the view of the human controller.
    A human also has excellent feed-forward control systems.
    For example, when closing a door, you measure the friction of the door and deduce the amount of force it requires to close it without slamming it too hard all in a fraction of a second.