January 2011

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Social Media and the Engineer

I’m loathe to talk about this in general, but I feel it needs to be said. Social media can work for engineers. It can work really well. The reason I try not to talk about it is because I’m getting better at it and I don’t want vendors to know. I don’t want them to know because even when you know what you’re doing it can eat all of your time and I have better things to do. Just in the past few days, Jeri Ellsworth and myself have launched a campaign and website using crowd sourcing and social media that would make most vendors’ eyes pop. We went from mentioning and idea about a 555 design contest to a functional website in less than 48 hours (granted yes, we’re still working out details, but some of those details…involve vendors!). I’m sure that some day, some huge company is going to […]